Our Services

Design & Planning

We listen to you and analyse all the possibilities and your own requirements for a successful land based fish farming venture.

During our first meeting we'll discuss general questions concerning location, fish species, RAS production volume and your economic situation. 

Together we'll create a turn-key system that is your own.  


Permits & Regulations

What permits do you need to start an aquaculture venture? Where do you apply? Where do I find the right forms? What rules apply to landbased fish farms and why?

We have answers to these questions and can guide you through the permit jungle.

You're never alone. 


We help you start-up your landbased fish farm and provide support and relevant training throughout the entire process. We'll help you create routines, learn to use the terchnical RAS, teach you about the fishes needs and requirements, system monitoring and much more. 

You're never alone.