About Saga

Why "Saga"?

Saga is a Norse goddess often associated with, and found around, water. She's often depicted pouring water with Odin at Sökkvabekkr. Saga literally means to "see into the future" which suited the way we see our recirculating aquaculture systems and the technology we use. 

The name “Saga” is often confused with the Icelandic word for "to tell a story" as in "The Sagas", but the name "Saga" and the Icelandic "Sagas" are not really the same thing. Although we think the word "Saga" also suits our company. We "see into the future" and "tell of" the aquaculture revolution in Sweden.  

About Saga Aqua

The need for a manufacturer of small- to medium-sized landbased recirculating systems (RAS) between around 20-1000t was the basis for why we started the company. Over the years working in the aquaculture industry and talking to so many people interested in starting an aquaculture venture, we realized that most of these people were interested in smaller systems. However, it was nearly impossible to find a company who could design and deliver a turn-key RAS suited to their specific needs. 

We decided to fill the gap between homemade, hobby systems and the enormous construction projects of gigantic recirculating systems. But we wanted to take it a step further and even provide support throughout the entire process, from permit applications to technical support and training for the systems. We even wanted to give the farmer a chance to obtain larval fish from us in order ease the transition into the aquaculture world and to allow farmers to concentrate on what they do best, keeping their fish happy and growing. We wanted the startup process to be as easy as possible. As we see it, more smaller, local fish farms will increase the Sweden's self-sufficiency and allow for a more robust food production industry where "all our eggs are not placed in the same basket".   

High Quality Systems 

We wanted to sell a product that we could trust and one that the client could feel confident in. We feel we found that quality in Spranger Kunststoff, a well-established RAS manufacturer in Germany. Spranger has been designing and manufacturing RAS for over 20 years including the engineering of all of the individual components. Saga Aqua is proud to work with Andreas Spranger in designing our own systems. He is the best in the business and we are proud to make these systems availble to Sweden. The design and engineering is German and the systems are made right here in Östergötland.  

We create robust and reliable systems so that your investment is a good one and so that the welfare of the fish is never compromised. In addition, the systems are designed to be as energy efficient as possible to minimize running costs, recycle water and take care of waste products.

Environmentally friendly. Sustainable. Robust. Ethical.

Saga brings you the future of aquaculture.