Real-time automatic measurement of Nitrite & Nitrate


In realtime and automatic

Measurement of nitrite and nitrate is done automatically and in real-time in-situ and in salt-, brackish- or freshwater. The results are sent over the cloud to our data-portal. Datamonitrix for remote analysis.

No sample vessels or laboratory analyses are required. The aquamonitrix unit is resistent to biofouling and the technology does not required regular calibration. It does lab-quality water analysis and you get a time-series of the nitrite and nitrate concentrations.



For a fish farmer, the welfare of the fish is of the utmost importance. Nitrite blocks the ability of the fish to bind oxygen and so nitrite levels must be kept as low as is possible. With Aquamonitrix, the farmer can keep a close eye on these concentrations. 

Even nitrate has a negative effect on fish welfare and appetite and should, therefore, be held at a reasonable level for the fish species being farmed. This can be done through water exchange, denitrification, or aquaponics. 

Aquamonitrix provides peace of mind with constant monitoring of nitrite and nitrate. It can even give information on nitrogen levels released in the outflow from the facility. Aquamonitrix gives you more control over your system and assures good fish welfare. 


Lab quality without the lab

Get a head start and fix problems before they manifest themselves through data of nitrite and nitrate levels in the system. The data is lab-quality and has been tested by unbiased 3rd parties and compared to approved lab results.  Aquamonitrix uses an ion-chromatography column and UV detection to give you a picture of nitrite and nitrate levels that daily measurment using reagents cannot give. 

The data gives authorities, as well as your employees, a much clearer picture of historical nitrite/nitrate levels over time.  

Aquaculture. But so much more!

The equipment is robust and can analyse nitrite/nitrate levels in situ of salt-, brackish- or freshwater. No transport of samples to the lab. The unit does all the sampling automatically and gives you the results remotely over the cloud and to your telephone or computer. 

Besides the many uses within aquaculture for measuring levels inside and at the outflow of the RAS facility, Aquamonitrix can be used in the analysis of:  

Measurement out in the field without sample bottles!

Aquamonitrix performs lab-quality analysis of nitrite and nitrate in salt-, brackish-, or freshwater and sends the results in real-time via the cloud to your computer or telephone. Samples are taken and analysed automatically in situ giving you a time-series of nitrite and nitrate instead of a single point in time when you happen to be out in the field. This gives a much better picture of nitrite and nitrate concentrations over time and allows you to capture fluctuations connected to, for example, excessive precipitation, dry periods, or irregular nitrogen release.

Excellence handpicked

Aquamonitrix is robust and portable but can also be mounted in a stationary cabinet. 

Samples are taken automatically and analysed on site. Results are sent to you wirelessly.  

Time-series of nitrite and nitrate increase the likelihood of a correct interpretation of the data and can give information that you might otherwise miss with single sampling events.  

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